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Dashboard app available for the smartphones and PC. Broken down into 4 different sections. Control, Alerts, Widgets and Admin powers.

For Control, keep it the same way the current app is currently operating. With scenes, Transitions. Video and audio settings.

For Alerts, give us the ability to fully customize any of our alerts(Follow, Subscription, Resub, Donation, Host, Bits and Raids). Let us upload our own animation files for any specific alert. Ability to change the text's font, color and size. Let us use our own audio files for sounds and let us control the volume for each one. Also adding a text-to-speech message for Subscribers, Donors including Bits, Host and Raiders.

For Widgets, let all the plug-ins be available here instead of the scroll menu on top. Once a plug-in is chosen, help the user add it to their chosen scene.

For Admin, the ability to see all recent events in list form(Who sub, who follow, etc). Mod enabler. Powers to kick,ban or time users out.Profanityfilter

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Not planned

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