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Many churches have started to live stream to their members, normally with Zoom.us.

I've also wanted to host topical/expert/panel talk shows on my stream. Currently that means using zoom or discord etc. to host the chat from multiple out of network participants and then capturing that with my XSplit Broadcaster for inclusion in the stream. This is cumbersome.

Having a XSplit-Microcaster plugin/app that out of network users can use to connect directly to my broadcaster session for easy inclusion as a source, (video/audio/destop or window sharring) would make XSplit perfect for shows, panels and chruches!

XSplit is a potentially powerful competitor or WireCast and BlackMagic's broadcast platforms. It just needs an easier, single source way to do what I just described and a quick and easy lower thirds titles generator that another user in the stream (even without a video connection, just a watching, and update/run titles) could use to manage things during the show.

Under consideration Suggested by: Bruce W Searl Upvoted: 08 Jul, '20 Comments: 4

Comments: 4

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