Hotkeys need more than one mapping. Mouse 3/4/5 needs mapping ability

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Hotkeys need more than one mapping. This is pretty much standard for streaming, but Xsplit Gamecaster doesn't have the ability.

e.g. My ingame mapping is the letter T for Push to talk. In Gamecaster, I assigned T as well. This allows me to speak to my audience and ingame for ingame engagement.

However, If I wanted to speak only to the audience, then others in game would hear my chatter. That's not good. Ingame shouldn't have to listen to my audience stream. There is no secondary mapping that could fix this. If I had another keymap, I could assign one key to speak to both my audience and in game, and another key to audience only. Support suggested I use open mic, but that is not an option. In fact, most streamers do not use open mic during ingame.

I use my mouse 3/4/5 to PPT. It would be convenient to use this natively. Right now I am remapping my mouse key to a keyboard key in order to make it possible to PPT on Gamecaster.

Under consideration Suggested by: Tu Tran Upvoted: 28 Dec, '20 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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