Cam Settings (saving issue) - Whiteboard Eraser Tool

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Attention Dev's.

Two old issues:

1. Cam settings (Xsplits, not third party, like Logitech, etc). We have used this for years, and Xsplit cam settings will save everything, except white balance and gain. Every time we open up Xsplit, we have to reset both of those (for each camera, we use three)...all other settings stay saved, but those two. Odd.

2. Whiteboard. Whiteboard has a 'clear all' option, but no eraser tool. It would be nice to be able to just selectively pick what you want to erase, not 'all-or-nothing'.

I've sent numerous messages to support about these. Nice people, but it time to get these fixed up. We do all updates, as they arrive.

Not planned Suggested by: Thomas Upvoted: 19 Nov, '20 Comments: 5

Comments: 5

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