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Upon opening, have XSplit remember the user's GROUPED SOURCES expanded/retracted status from the previous session.

One of my Presentations has 14 Groups and each Group has at least 100 sources. Some have between 200 and 300 sources.

Presently, XSplit defaults to an "all Groups expanded" profile-- even if I have exited the program with all 14 Groups closed/retracted.

So the "all Groups expanded" default, coupled with the fact that the Source Viewing Area is currently stationary and restricted to 5 lines only, there is a considerable amount of scrolling and "Group closing" I have to do every time I open XSplit in order to get to the "down stream" Groups and bypass the real estate of all of the expanded Groups.

I use all of the Groups throughout any given week/month but I typically use one Group at a time per student/client.

I love the GROUP feature and all of the work your team does to constantly improve XSplit.

Thanks for any consideration given to this idea.


Under consideration Suggested by: Art Matthews Upvoted: 22 Jul, '20 Comments: 0

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