Group Sources for Easy Re-Positioning

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My feature suggestion for XSplit would be for the ability to select multiple sources and group them together for an easy way to re-position or re-size, etc.

For example, I have a webcam, cam overlay, then some text that flows below my camera overlay. It would be great to be able to select everything I need, group them and be able to re-position them whenever I'm broadcasting a game with a different UI that I'm used to. For any streamer that has overlays around their webcam and surrounding information (Usually social media usernames, images from sponsors, etc) this would be much easier to be able to move what they need to all at once.

The group could be displayed with a folder icon in the Source List that the user can name to easily organize the sources tied to that group. No longer need or want the Sources in the specific group you created? No problem, simply ungroup those sources and they will be displayed in the Source List as usual. Photoshop layer grouping example attached.

Done Suggested by: DocMoney Upvoted: 07 Dec, '20 Comments: 8

Comments: 8

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